Seeding and Sodding

Temporary stabilization
With current regulation contractors need to have disturbed soil stabilized within 7 days. This includes spreading straw and hydro mulch to prevent runoff.

Temporary seeding
IF a job needs to stopped for a longer period of time such as during the worst months in winter. The area is seeded with an annual seed blend that will grow and help hold the soil for a longer period of time till the job can be completed.

Permanent seeding
Before a construction job is complete the site is seeded or sodded. Level prides itself on giving the best soil prep for germination of grass. We use machines and rakes to remove large rocks and debris from the soil. After this we apply fertilizer if needed to help jump start growth. Then we apply seed the majority of our project are seeded with tall fescue blends which are the best seed for our climate. This is followed up by straw and hydro mulch with to hold the seeding in place. Level landscape operates under a Maryland Department of Agricultural Professional fertilizer applicator license.

If our customer is looking for or requires instant green we sod the project. The soil prep is the same for sodding as seed. We will measure the site to get an exact measurement on the amount then harvest the sod and bring it to the job for installation. On some large project and during busy times we do order sod from other local growers. After the sod is laid it is adequately watered and if need rolled with specialized equipment to help smooth out the lawn. Level landscape is equipped to install small and large roll sod.

Landscaping & Hardscaping

We also provide hardscaping customers. Including but not limited to Walls, patios, walkouts, and paths

Design, layout, and installation. We have a large variety of suppliers and an experienced staff to help your project look great at a reasonable price.

Storm Water Management & Maintenance

Storm water management
With current regulations almost all properties have some level of facility to manage storm water run-off. We have installed most of these from small drywells on town houses to large bio pond conversions that service whole communities. These include bio ponds, drywells, rain gardens, Storm water management ponds and others.

Storm water maintenance
Along with installing these facilities they are under a 3 year inspection cycle. We can work directly with inspectors to complete and maintenance needed and get you property back within regulation. This could include mowing, converting, clearing, rodent removal, tree removal, pipe replacement, sediment removal and dewatering.

Sediment Control

Level Land scape installs any and all fencing needed on construction projects this includes Super silt fence, MDE silt fence, SHA silt fence, Diversion fence, Tree protection fencing, Safety fencing, as well as split rail fence. We install construction entrances that are required on all Maryland projects.

Builder/Contractor Support

To keep our customers coming back we also provide services such as mowing street sweeping, general labor, furniture moving, pottering/trash clean up, and project clean ups.